Recent Emergency Notification Sent Through USN Services...

Thelma Barker School, TN – 1800 calls sent to alert parents of a water line break. (Nov. 7)

Liberty Technical Magnet School, NJ – Bomb Threat – 1700 calls sent to alert parents of bomb threat and school evacuation. (Nov. 6)

Sterling High School, NJ – Bank Robbery – 900 calls sent to alert parents of bank robbery next to school and lockdown. (Nov. 1)

Passaic ISD, NJ – School Closure – 1400 calls sent to alert parents of school closure. Message delivered to English and Spanish speaking homes. (Oct. 15)

Mahopac School, NY - Compliance Alert – 12,000 calls to alert parents the district was complying with state emergency drill compliance and were releasing students early. (Oct. 13)

Paradise Valley, AZ – Testing Notification – 4,000 calls to parents alerting them to PSAT testing, upcoming newsletter and homecoming information (Oct. 13)

Ellnsville School District, NY – Lock Down 2,000 calls sent to alert parents of a gunman reported around the Ellensville School District. (Oct. 12)

Castro Valley, CA – Lock Down 1200 calls sent to parents alerting them of shootings in the vicinity of the school. (Oct. 10)

Canyon Middle School, CA – Lock Down – 5,800 calls to its parents to alert them the school was not affected by events at Castro Valley, CA lockdown. (Oct. 10)

Jackson-Madison School District, TN – Fatal Traffic Accident 1200 sent calls to parents and the student body alerting them their principal was involved in a car accident. (Oct. 5)

Osceola School District, FL – Hurricane Warning 32,000 calls sent to alert parents of school closures during tropical storm Ernesto.

Prince Georges County, MD 30,000 emergency calls sent for Prince Georges County in Maryland

Evergreen School District, Vancouver, WASchool Opening Delay – Sent 3,500 calls to parents to alert them that a new high school would start two days late because construction was not complete.

Why does your district need automated notification?

The telecommunication revolution is changing the way you interact with your parents and students, and the way they interact with you.

US Netcom's automated notification helps administrations like yours thrive in this new reality by providing C-level solutions that dramatically improve relations through automated communication

We'll help provide expert consultation to help your district deal with rapid change. US Netcom's Outreach Notification Solutions are designed to communicate to your entire parent community. Your parents are waiting to hear from you.

How do you get started?

Easy. Call and ask to speak to National Sales Manager Mark Hefley about our Parent Outreach Pilot Program.

12 questions to ask any notification provider.

Before investing in any parent notification solutions for your consideration, it’s important to understand ALL your options. Take a moment to ask every potential notification vendor the following questions:

  1. In order for your district to adequately consider all options, ask the vendor to outline at least three parent communication solutions for your consideration. A vendor should provide you with solutions that include communication services, hardware and some combination of both. This will give you choices (and costs) to help you make decisions appropriate for your district and budget.

  2. Ask the vendor to provide a notarized statement declaring that their service has not failed to deliver a call requested by a client. Many won't, but US Netcom will. We have never failed to deliver a call for a client.

  3. Ask the vendor to provide a statement indicating their company/corporation is the sole owner of its software technology and that no third-party software providers are required to perform the execution of your notification solutions.

  4. Ask the vendor to explain in detail their ASP application service and how your schools access it for daily use across the web and by phone.

  5. Ask the vendor to explain in detail how their solution allows you to conduct Yes/No and Likert-scale parent surveys.

  6. Ask the vendor to explain in detail how they automate your student data to work with your service for “no touch” daily operation and how they customize applications to work with your student software interface.

  7. Ask the vendor to explain in detail their consulting and professional services program to help improve our parent outreach program.

  8. Ask the vendor to explain in detail their capability to deliver messages in languages other than English, and to what extent that delivery can be automated without requiring a person to speak the message.

  9. Ask the vendor to describe their voice disguise capability so that students can leave messages anonymously for school officials and that school officials can be notified immediately upon receipt of the alert.

  10. Tell the vendor that call throttling, a method of automated load-leveling, is not considered an acceptable method of delivery for your district because it does not take into account local calling limitations affecting your area. Ask them to explain how your local phone exchange capacity will impact the way your system performs. What other method of call delivery do they employ for our area?

  11. List any patents for message delivery owned by your organization as proof of your ability to design and deliver notification applications to parents for the benefit of our district.

  12. Ask the vendor to provide a statement indicating they have provided services to the K-12 education market for at least ten years and at least 20,000 solutions of all kinds installed in schools and districts around the world.

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Fast Facts About USN's Notification Services...

USN services have never failed to deliver

Some services offer a history checkered with undelivered calls, calls delivered at inappropriate times or critical calls that were never initiated. US Netcom's service record is unmatched. We have never failed to deliver a call for a client.

USN delivers calls
in ANY language

US Netcom solutions deliver messages in any language spoken around the world, a capability introduced in our solutions more than 20 years ago. Users can record and store messages in hundreds of languages, offering virtually unlimited ability to deliver messages in every language spoken in your district.

USN technology is patented

US Netcom owns a United States Patent for accurately delivering calls and messages to answering machines. No other notification service serving education can offer this level of technical certification.
USN has a decades-long track record of successful integration

Will your existing student data work? Our technicians have an outstanding track record of converting a school district’s student information database to work with our notification products and services. Ongoing partnerships with more than 100 SIS vendors make US Netcom's solutions time-tested and tuned to existing and future technology. You'll never have to deal with security issues because the system is self-governed and thoroughly pass-code protected