Recent Emergency Notification Sent Through USN Services...

Thelma Barker School, TN – 1800 calls sent to alert parents of a water line break. (Nov. 7)

Liberty Technical Magnet School, NJ – Bomb Threat – 1700 calls sent to alert parents of bomb threat and school evacuation. (Nov. 6)

Sterling High School, NJ – Bank Robbery – 900 calls sent to alert parents of bank robbery next to school and lockdown. (Nov. 1)

Passaic ISD, NJ – School Closure – 1400 calls sent to alert parents of school closure. Message delivered to English and Spanish speaking homes. (Oct. 15)

Mahopac School, NY - Compliance Alert – 12,000 calls to alert parents the district was complying with state emergency drill compliance and were releasing students early. (Oct. 13)

Paradise Valley, AZ – Testing Notification – 4,000 calls to parents alerting them to PSAT testing, upcoming newsletter and homecoming information (Oct. 13)

Ellnsville School District, NY – Lock Down 2,000 calls sent to alert parents of a gunman reported around the Ellensville School District. (Oct. 12)

Castro Valley, CA – Lock Down 1200 calls sent to parents alerting them of shootings in the vicinity of the school. (Oct. 10)

Canyon Middle School, CA – Lock Down – 5,800 calls to its parents to alert them the school was not affected by events at Castro Valley, CA lockdown. (Oct. 10)

Jackson-Madison School District, TN – Fatal Traffic Accident 1200 sent calls to parents and the student body alerting them their principal was involved in a car accident. (Oct. 5)

Osceola School District, FL – Hurricane Warning 32,000 calls sent to alert parents of school closures during tropical storm Ernesto.

Prince Georges County, MD 30,000 emergency calls sent for Prince Georges County in Maryland

The history behind US Netcom's notification capability and professional services.

US Netcom’s parent outreach and project management success goes back to our roots, with the first notification system installed in a Missouri school in 1983. From the beginning, we worked with the principal at the school to provide a notification solution that solved his attendance issues the day the system was installed.

In 1985, we began partnering with student database software vendors to provide unique, diverse telephony services such as voice disguise hotlines, talking databases that speak virtually any information, and survey capabilities that allow a district to poll its parent population with a single call.

Over the years, we graduated beyond school solutions to large-scale district installations encompassing hundreds of phone lines in the largest school districts in the country. Along the way we learned how to implement processes and procedures that ensure the success of every district installation. We are specialists at understanding unique environmental issues and challenges faced by each district, and experts at responding with implementation plans, timelines and services to meet those challenges.

US Netcom maintains an outstanding track record in helping districts solve their communication issues, even those created by other communications vendors.

  • When Cobb County in Atlanta, Georgia installed a new network, we were there alongside their MIS department to ensure a seamless transition across the network with our system.

  • When Grossmont Unified School District faced fires throughout the district in the devastating fires that swept LA in 2003, we provided emergency notification services that linked 40,000 reassuring calls to frantic parents, informing them where their children were and offering pickup instructions.

In 1999, US Netcom introduced Outreach Notification Services as a backup our clients could turn to in the unlikely event their site-based Outreach Notification system experienced catastrophic damage during events such as a hurricane. The service was successful from its first user and it has since been expanded to include users at both school and district levels. The service has served millions of students, parents and administrators since its introduction.

US Netcom is the first and only school-to-parent communication company to pioneer a combination of both site-based equipment and hosted ASP solutions in response to the diverse needs of school districts.

Using a 21st century, customer-driven communications platform, US Netcom currently serves more than 25,000 schools and millions of students across the United States. We are the sole source of Outreach Notification high capacity equipment and services. We have the largest and most tenured staff of professional services consultants to assure smooth implementation for your Outreach Notification solution. US Netcom has provided more solutions to educators than all other vendors combined.

We are ready to provide our powerful outreach solutions for your consideration, and invite you to begin with a quick review of how users interact with all Outreach Notification solutions.

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Why does your district need automated parent notification?

The telecommunication revolution is changing the way you interact with your parents and students, and the way they interact with you. US Netcom's automated notification helps administrations like yours thrive in this new reality by providing C-level solutions that dramatically improve relations through automated communication

We'll help provide expert consultation to help your district deal with rapid change. US Netcom's Outreach Notification Solutions are designed to communicate to your entire parent community. Your parents are waiting to hear from you.