Critical Parent Outreach Delivered By US Netcom's AllCall Service...

Cave Creek School Dist., AZ – Superintendent Call – 4,300 calls sent to parents about an upcoming vote, website changes and newsletter alert of new strategic plan (Dec. 21)

Paradise Valley USD, AZ – Early Release Calls – 13,500 calls sent to alert parents children were being released early for the holiday. (Dec. 20)

Hopewell Valley RSD, NJ – Child Safety Calls – 2018 calls sent to alert parents of child safety day. (Dec. 5)

Thelma Barker School, TN Water Line Break – 1800 calls sent to alert parents of a water line break. (Nov. 7)

Liberty Technical Magnet School, NJ – Bomb Threat – 1700 calls sent to alert parents of bomb threat and school evacuation. (Nov. 6)

Sterling High School, NJ – Bank Robbery – 900 calls sent to alert parents of bank robbery next to school and lockdown. (Nov. 1)

Passaic ISD, NJ – School Closure – 1400 calls sent to alert parents of school closure. Message delivered to English and Spanish speaking homes. (Oct. 15)

Mahopac School, NY – Compliance Alert – 12,000 calls to alert parents the district was complying with state emergency drill compliance and were releasing students early. (Oct. 13)

Paradise Valley, AZ – Testing Notification – 4,000 calls to parents alerting them to PSAT testing, upcoming newsletter and homecoming information (Oct. 13)

Ellnsville School District, NY – Lock Down 2,000 calls sent to alert parents of a gunman reported around the Ellensville School District. (Oct. 12)

Castro Valley, CA – Lock Down 1200 calls sent to parents alerting them of shootings in the vicinity of the school. (Oct. 10)

Canyon Middle School, CA – Lock Down – 5,800 calls to its parents to alert them the school was not affected by events at Castro Valley, CA lockdown. (Oct. 10)

Jackson-Madison School District, TN – Fatal Traffic Accident 1200 sent calls to parents and the student body alerting them their principal was involved in a car accident. (Oct. 5)

Osceola School District, FL – Hurricane Warning 32,000 calls sent to alert parents of school closures during tropical storm Ernesto.

Evergreen School District, Vancouver, WASchool Opening Delay – Sent 3,500 calls to parents to alert them that a new high school would start two days late because construction was not complete


Success in Education

Put your parent outreach program in the hands of a company you can trust.
Trust US Netcom's
AllCall Notification Service.

US Netcom's AllCall Parent Notification Service is a fully automated, two-step solution that provides school administrators with a fast, easy method to record, schedule, send, and track personalized voice messages to tens of thousands of students, parents, staff members and emergency service personnel.

US Netcom parent outreach solutions
are well known to improve student performance, parent involvement and academic achievement in any language spoken in your district.

It's not the technology...It's where you can turn to when you absolutely need to reach out to parents.

Some vendors provide notification technology to deliver messages and bank on the fact you won't use the service more than a few times a year.

At US Netcom, we encourage users to utilize our technology every day to improve parent communication just like they ask online experts "write my paper for me " to improve their academic performance. . Daily absence notification, nightly homework announcements, it doesn't matter what type of calls you make. It only matters that the call is completed.

It matters who you put your trust in to stand beside you, particularly in times of emergency.

US Netcom's AllCall Service is here today and there for you tomorrow, not simply gone tomorrow like many notification companies. Our staff has provided notification solutions for K-12 schools and districts for more than 23 years. Our technicians have installed thousands of parent outreach solutions and services throughout North America. As a parent one should take care about the financial literacy of a child and a finance homework help from experts if it is needed.

When seconds count, count on US Netcom.

US Netcom's 24-hour emergency notification operations center is ready for your use when you need it. We're making emergency calls for schools and districts right at this moment in time (see the list at left for some of our more recent emergency notification efforts.)

It's the years of experience and our knowledge of what schools need and – more importantly, will use – that separates US Netcom from other technologies.

When it comes down to choices, simple is better.

Some notification providers offer locally-based communication hardware, or off-site communication services. They do not provide a choice that best suits you and your environment.

US Netcom offers options from site based equipment, off-site communication services to a combination of the two to create a solution designed specifically for your needs. We do not just start with a catalog of products and send you a quote. We follow a time proven process of discovery, planning and implementation.

Our Method: Stop. Look. Listen. Plan.

Long before your solution is in place, we'll work with your district staff to address all your communication concerns and goals, including budget, staffing, technology and political challenges. Prior to implementation, we schedule discovery sessions with your stakeholders to identify the required outcomes as well as the communication goals we can help you attain.

A solution tailored to meet your goals,
not just your needs.

We will partner with you to create a roadmap with tighter communication to parents and staff as your destination. US Netcom has at your disposal, efficient, professional services that offer the most value for the parent notification programs.

1. One-step parent notification - No equipment, phone lines, hardware, computers, or technical headaches. Your users simply log on via the web or dial toll-free into our 24-hour operations center to initiate a call. It's fast, easy to use, personal and a highly effective method of notification.

2. Parent outreach with your personal communication equipment - This solution allows you to maintain complete security and control of the entire parent communication process including notification and 24-hour access to any student data. "US Netcom places notification technology in your district. This solution allows you to maintain complete control of the entire communication process."

3. Combination of both for highest cost efficiency - This solution puts communication equipment for routine notification in your district and combines it with access to thousands of phone lines for emergency notification.

Put automated parent notification to work.

Call today for a discovery meeting and demonstration. Ask about our Pilot program. Let our consultants show you how to automate much of your notification process. Put the best methods to work to improve communication with your stakeholders.

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Fast Facts About USN's AllCall Service...

USN services have never failed to deliver

"There are many vendors who offer notification services. A quick check of their history uncovers unadvertised facts. Customers whose notifications delivered at inappropriate times to the wrong audience, as well as critical notifications that did not even begin for 24 hours after the notification was supposed to start. US Netcom's service record is unmatched. We have never failed to complete a notification event in the time window defined by the client."

USN delivers calls
in ANY language

US Netcom solutions deliver messages in any language spoken around the world, a capability introduced in our solutions more than 20 years ago. Users can record and store messages in hundreds of languages, offering virtually unlimited ability to deliver messages in every language spoken in your district.
USN technology is patented

US Netcom owns a United States Patent for accurately delivering calls and messages to answering machines. No other notification service serving education can offer this level of technical certification.

USN has a decades-long track record of successful integration with student data

Will your existing student data work? Our technicians have an outstanding track record of integrating with a school district’s student information database to access the data for notification products and services to minimize the calls to your technological resources. Ongoing partnerships with more than 100 SIS vendors make US Netcom's solutions time-tested and tuned to existing and future technology. You'll never have to deal with security issues because the system is self-governed and thoroughly pass-code protected